You did know I love GT40s, right?

The loose blue and red cars I’ve had for a few years now. They’re some of my favorites, right up there with my Kyoshos and 2 Schucos. The packaged blue car has also been around for a while as it’s from the first release; actually, I have two. Those two are set aside as future customs, though I’m not sure when I’ll get to them. So that’s 7 so far!

The white, black, and Gulf cars are all new New NEW!!!

I was extremely excited to find the white car at my local walmart. Stunned, actually. But at some point in the last couple of months I discovered that not only was Auto World releasing a white car and a Gulf car, but there were some exclusives as well. This gulf car that I have has no number, and no white meatball. Same with the black car. There is also a Gulf car that will have the white meatball, but no number. And there’s supposed to be a black #2 car as well, though it’s been harder to track down yet.


I ordered the Gulf car because I doubted I’d find one in-store. As long as I have one Gulf car, that’s good; I don’t really care which version it is. I ordered the black car because . . . I had to. I mean, really, how could I not? If I can find the black #2 I’d like to acquire that as well, for a good price.

this has a beautiful lined silver stripe and side graphics
blue stripe lined in red!


Special Editions, both 1 of 1248. However, the regular release (white car) is 1 of 1256! So not much difference. :-)


The white and the black are both standouts for me. Gorgeous! I’ll probably open them all this weekend, but I need to savor it. I’ve been waiting for these guys for a long time! I even waited on opening the white one until the two pre-orders arrived!!


Now, I’ll share my secret source. I saw Lamley recently posted about a new partnership with an ebay seller (surplusgoodies). I checked it out and wasn’t impressed with their prices. I’d already pre-ordered mine, for half the price of that store!

Here’s the scoop. This is only my second order with this company and they were fantastic both times. They even called me about the damage to the blister on the Gulf car. The top or side is a little warped and bubbled maybe, I dunno. I told them it was fine as long as the car was clean since I was going to open it anyway. They still gave it to me at a discount! Here’s the link:

You may be familiar with them, but I haven’t seen anyone talking about them, so I thought I’d share my source. I pre-ordered these two cars for $4.99 each. When I did that, Auto World didn’t even have them listed anywhere! I discovered them randomly. I just checked though, and you can get them for $7.99 at $5 is better than $8!


Well, now you know. You can’t say I didn’t share!