My K day HAWL

Even though I have been collecting for almost 2 years now this is the first time I was actually able to attend a K days event. There was about 30 people there and 20 boxes to open. The one I’m at does it a little different in that they don’t limit you to just picking 5 cars. You just get 5 minutes to pick out cars that you want. I wasn’t able to open a fresh case but I was able to pick stuff up in the next round of drawings they did and I also got a nice little car poster because I didn’t get to open a box. That being said I was able to pick up more than enough of cars that I wanted and then some. I did manage to pick up a few extras for HWEP which I will post in a separate post.

I will say most everyone there was very nice and more than went out of their way to help you get the cars you were looking for since you weren’t limited to 5 cars. There was one guy that was there who I was told was an ebay seller and he brought 6 kids with him all girls and he was telling them to cherry pick all the Datsun’s out of the cases they got to open. Happy to say he only ended up with 6 from the 3 cases he got to open. The one highlight of my trip was meeting a fellow Hot Wheels customizer from the Hot Wheels forums board I also frequent. I was aware of his screen name on the board so it was nice to put a face to a fellow customizer, especially in a town that is as small as ours.

After I left Kmart I ended up stopping by target and picked a few more cars up and Ill post those pics as well.


So here is my K day HAWL pics.

Stuff I picked up for Walmart


All in all I really enjoyed my first K days event and really hope I can attend more. I met alot of nice collectors today.

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