This was probably the best K-Day I’ve been to yet. A little better organized than past events, and a better selection of cars! My daughter and I each got a case to go through. And, since we were last in line, and they had one case left, the nice lady gave it to us along with the cases we already had! So we got to go through three cases all by ourselves!

Now, on to the HAWL itself. Once again no Supers were found at our K-Day, but I did manage to find both of the Fangula regular Treasure Hunts. No one else found another TH as far as I heard. Here’s the full HAWL:

And now, my personal cars. Quite a few of the above cars went to my kids.

Then the highlight for me: The Fairlady 2000!


Oh, and here’s that next TH, the Fangula:

Very happy with my HAWL and can’t wait to mail off for the Corvette! I hope everyone else’s K-Day was just as successful!