I finally corralled all my loose cars together for a photo op, at least, all the loose ones I could find on the first pass. Look close, there are some rare birds mixed in with the merely unusual and common ones. I'm willing to trade multiples for single cars on my wants list, so, make an offer and we can negotiate. The bottom photo is castings that wouldn't fit in the cases, and some last minute additions, bikes, etc. I do have the Tim-the-Tool-Man-Taylor figure for the lawn mower, and the Ford Roadster from that set is at the bottom right in the first photo. Some of the cars (like the Governators with their whitewalls)were bought for the tires, so, in the case of the RC sprint cars, I probably have the wings around here somewhere. The Coronet and Kelloggs ones are mail-ins still in their wrappers, etc...


My want list is now this:


Zamac Mooneyes Custom VW Beetle(s)

Kool Kombi Super TH

2012 VW Custom (Tooned) Beetle Super TH

Entertainment series Herbie w/ Real Riders

Purple Cool Classics Drag Beetle

4th of July Beetle

1:43rd scale Herbie/Love Bug


Any casting that has real riders with the wide white walls, like the ones that are on the 55 Chevy TH. I need/want these for a project/custom, so tires have to be MINT, the condition and/or make of the rest of the car isn't really important.


Johnny Lightning: VW pickup single cab-flat red w/steelies, Yellow Beetle Taxi w/rubber tires.

Greenlight: Chevy Camper, Airstream Trailer pack.

Micro Models: VW Beetle in decent condition.

Almost any VW will be considered. I have a lot of them, but will take duplicates of some of my favorite ones. Thanks for reading all the way through this long post!