Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

My morning scalper encounter

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I made a stop this morning to check for the J case. I pull up at just about 8am and make my way to the door. I haven’t made it to the second set of doors when someone blows by me in a full on jog. Guess who.... Sure enough he has set up shop dead center of the pegs. A quick glance and I can tell they haven’t restocked. I had to laugh at this guy fingering through the pegs. This made him stop what he was doing and ask what was so funny. My response was did you really jog through the store to get to the HW. He said yes that he was in the parking lot first so he should get the first look. All I could do I shake my head and walk away. This was my first encounter with someone like this. What drives someone to this? I have had lots of converations with great people in the aisles. People have educated me and I have passed on what little I know to others. I guess I will end my rant with DONT BE THAT GUY! Have a great week everyone.


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