I think I have a problem.

I don't really like any of these Batman cars...but I bought them because I found the entire set all at once. I actually looked at two locations. The first location had 7 of the 8...and I decided "if I can't get them all at once, I'm not getting them." Then I stopped at another location...and found all 8 there. I'm considering ebaying them as a set.

I also located the Darth Vader car...and bought it too. I'm not a fan of fantasy cars. I actually said "oh Hell no" when I saw the full-size pictures on the FP. I was opposed, but because I knew other people were having trouble locating it...I bought it.

If anyone's interested in any of these, let me know. I'm willing to trade, but not breaking up the set of 8. I really don't need these things laying around. If no one's interested in a trade, then they're going to the electronic bay. Noting the difficulty of tracking them down, I'm a little more than 8-regular-mainlines proud of them.

EDIT: The Batman collection has been taken by a buddy of mine who's a big Batman fan.