My wife and I like going to antique malls. Yard Sales. Estate sales. Etc. etc. Over the years we have amassed a decent sized stockpile of treasures, trinkets, and whatnot that are not entirely eBay worthy. So, when a new antique mall opened up about 40 mins away, we decided to join up and set up a booth! It’s something we have been talking about for years as an alternate avenue to make some profit off of the goodies and deals that we snag in our travels.

Why is this an evil plan you say? How does this relate to diecast cars? Well, hear me out, what better way to have an excuse to go shopping for diecast cars than to have a revenue stream that can Paaaaaaay for diecast cars? It’s a win/win! Bring stuff, make money, spend money on cars. Wash rinse repeat. Right now the mystery is if this will be sustainably profitable. We got a great deal with a 6 month agreement at half cost on the booth. It’s 4 feet by 7 feet at normally $50 a month. Currently at $25 a month, its not too bad to make that up and profit on top of that. But, time will tell if it’s worth doing after our 6 month discount is up. As you can see in the pic it’s giving me a nice opportunity to get rid of some cars that don’t fit in my collection (amongst other things).

We’ll see how this goes :)

Bonus pic of this rad Tucker that’s in a different booth. No I am not going to buy it... yet.