So without a Kmart within 6 hours of me I’m forced to order over the interwebz. I was bummed when cases sold out before dawn last week. After posting a plea for help I lucked out and was able to score a couple of cases on Wednesday morning. They showed up at my local Sears today so I ran over to grab them. So the lead picture is the first case I cracked.

Here is the assortment from the first case. Not a bad selection.

Next we have case AFB.


IMO this assortment was better than the first. Never hurts when you see a set of real riders as you crack a case.


And finally a group picture of stuff I would have picked up in the wild had I come across it.

I was rather happy with my Kday this year. I’m pumped to get my mail in gassers after I DLM all of this and send in the cards.


A special THANK YOU to all of you who picked up a few extra card backs for me and for trying to snag me a gasser E sheet.

And a shameless plug: I did a live unboxing on IG if anyone cares to check it out for a better look at the cars. I’m Plasticprints on IG