Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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My parents left (and a future hawl)

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And they left my mini fridge (which hasn’t seen use in 7 years btw) fully stocked of pop, Arizona teas (humorously made in NY), and country time lemonade. Well the lemonade and Arizona are useless, but the pop I can return for a $.10 deposit! :D


Best think about it is that I didn’t buy the drinks in the first place. We only have mason jars full of tea. A 12-pack will cost $1.20 extra here because of the bottle deposit, but when you return all 12 cans, you get your $1.20 back. Since my parents bought all these drinks, that means I get free drinks and bottle deposit on their dime! Yeah, that sounds bad when you say it out loud. But it means that I can get a hawl without hurting the wallet too much, which is very convient.

So I just need to gradually drink these guys, and I then have extra money for a hawl. How epic is that? :)

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