Big things with little cars

My Secret Super has arrived, a week or two ago....

And I still don’t have time to showcase it all. So here is 1 of 2 XJs I got. Plus my first TOMY!


The happy toaster just makes this so great!

I had the privilege and cash at the time to own a 2 Door 5 speed XJ for a couple years, then after realizing there wasn’t much to the floorboards cut 1/2 the top off for lolz. It was great, and I was single, then it got cold and I parted it out.

Also excited about the i8 TOMY.


Many thanks to Inliner for hunting down these and sending them along. And apologies for taking so long. I’ve only worked in town 3 days this year. (Home on weekends of course) 

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