I’ll get the black version, to match my car in Real Racing 3. Photo from BMW, care of TheWheelsOfSteel.
I’ll find the black version. Photo from AutoExpress.
I kinda-sorta feel like holding back with this, because I really want to see this in acid green. But i guess Batman-spec will suffice. Photo from Lamborghini’s assets, care of FullHDPictures.
This car will be the hardest one to find especially in white. Not discounting Divisoria, Manila’s biggest cheap shopping district, but this will be like finding a needle in a haystack, much like The Perfect Imperfect Woman. Photo is a large-size thumbnail from Motor Trend’s Ignition episode about the car.

Question is... would I be able to find them? I’m also counting on a 3-for-2 deal, which may or may not come up, considering that I might end up buying in singles.

Also, I’m buying red, silver and black paint markers. Those items add to the cost, and realistically, I only have about Php800 for the entirety of December.


The plan, I realize, is to buy the models first, then buy the paint pens later on, sometime after Christmas at the soonest.