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My Snap-on Glowmad Collection

Awwwww SNAP!!!

As you may have seen in my previous post, I have a vast collection of red ‘57 Chevys. But, I do not have very many Nomads since I just don’t care for them as much as the 2dr models. But I thought these were SUPER cool when I was perusing eBay one day so I just had to pick them up in all 3 available sizes!!!!

The largest is 1:24 scale and of course it is the most detailed

The middle one is about 1:43 scale

The smallest is 1:64 scale

Some items to point out:

  • -The molding along the sides are a series of wrenches
  • -The doors open backwards
  • -The lower front and rear bumpers are painted body color (not my thing)
  • -The hoods are clam shells and open forwards
  • -I show lots of detail pictures of the 1:24 scale model which has a very nice interior and rear hatch that opens complete with Snap-On tool chest that slides out!
Photo: gertman20001

Sorry I didn’t comment in between each photo but I’m still VERY new at this. The above picture is the inside of the hood, so back of the grill, of the 1:24 scale model.


I would call this a fairly detailed engine compartment. You can see the radiator and the pipes for the turbo inlet and outlet plus some pin-striping on the valve covers.


Look how the level of detail of each engine bay goes down to hardly anything on the 1/64. Also the style of the wheels is totally lost by the 1/64 version and practically gone on the 1/43. On either one of them I would not have known they were trying to emulate 5 spoked wheel and not just a wheels with a star design. I think trying to do the disc brake behind the wheel ruined them. But I suppose it is cool that they both have opening hoods as well. I believe the 1/43 scale is supposed to light up but I could not get mine to work. I don’t think the 1/64 scale has any provisions to do so.


In conclusion, I probably would not have bought the other two if the 1:24 scale version wasn’t so detailed. Again, I picked them all up on eBay for under $100 bucks for all 3.

Thanks for reading!!

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