I rarely purchase die cast cars other than hotwheels cars but I will try my best to give a list of the best ones I bought.

#10.) Jada Toys Ford GT In 1/24 scale. The headlights are the worst part

I bought this for engine week last minute while I was at walmart buying a phone charger.

#9.) M2 Machines Datsun 510 In 1/24 scale


I (Again) bought this for engine week last minute as well. It has way better detail than the GT.

#8.) Maisto 1/18 Lamborghini Aventador *(not my pics)*


The door broke off and I returned it before I could take pics. Man I really get the bad end of the stick when it comes to cars breaking out of the box

#7.) M2 machines Datsun 510 in 1/24 scale


This is the one I bought after the black one broke from the packaging. They had no more black ones so I got yellow.

#6.) Tomica 1985 Toyota corolla 3-door in 1/64 scale


This is the closest I could get to my real life car (not the kia) that I don’t have to spend $100 for. Mine is a 2-door SR5 model from 1984 tho

#5.) Mazda RX-8 by Kinsmart in 1/36 scale I think.


I bought this from CVS. I honestly don’t know why I bought it. I guess “just because I can”

#4.) SHELF!!!!! SHELF!!!!!!!


I got this shelf for free so it’s technically not a purchase but I’m running out of options.

#3.) Maisto Porsche 911 carrera S in 1/18 scale


This is my first (conscious) 1/18 scale car. I bought it from Sam’s club for Rennsport Reunion. It is so far the one car I have photographed the most.

#2.) Maisto Nissan GT-R in 1/18 scale.

I bought this one from Sam’s as well after the Aventador situation. I added the Japanese license plate. This one by far photographs better than the porsche. And it looks better in real life.


#1.) Hotwheels Cruella De Vil $uper


I grabbed this one right from the case at walmart at about 11:00 at night. It’s my first $uper treasure hunt.

That’s all. I manage to do it tho :D