Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Figured I’d just post this up. Some cars for your time, list to follow.

Illustration for article titled My want list, for future reference
Illustration for article titled My want list, for future reference

Specific casts:

-Matchbox drag Beetle (other than Dragon Wheels version, got that)
-HW Super TH Tucker Torpedo
-HW non-HW Racing Porsche 935


-Matchbox Ferrari F40, red mainline
-HW non-Boulevard Ferrari F40
-HW Ferrari 288 GTO
-MBX Ferrari 308, red
-Tomica BMW E21 320i
-HW Redline Porsche 917
-HW VW Beach Bomb/newer releases obviously
-HW VW Sunagon, mint
-HW ‘64 Ford Galaxie, red/black mainline
‘HW ‘65 Ford Galaxie, non-Cool Classics
-Matchbox BMW M1 (mainline and World Class)
-HW Renault 5 Turbo
-HW Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
-HW Jaguar XJR9
-HW Jaguar XJS, blue, mint
-Matchbox Audi Ur-quattro
-HW Mustang Boss 302 Racing Stockcar series
-HW Lincoln Continental MkIII/2012 rerelease
-Matchbox BMW E30 Baur Cab
-MBX World Class Porsche 944
-MBX Cadillac CTS-V wagon
-MBX Audi RS6 Avant, blue
-Magnum PI Vanagon
-MBX Jaguar 120 and E-type
-Any BMW 2002
-MBX Alfa Romeo SZ (or any other Alfa)

General interest:

-HW/MBX/other rally and racing cars

-Any old all-metal HW or Matchbox of real cars

-Fords, muscle cars, prewar, VWs, European, British, Japanese

-Old Bburago metal 1:43s & 1:24s

-1:43 European racing cars

Any suggestions along the above lines are appreciated, I know there are loads of great casts that I don’t know I need yet.


Subject to change at any time...

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