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Mystery Tomica Card

Card Front

I came across this Made in Japan Tomica on an unopened card at a local diecast swap meet a few months ago, and I’d never seen the card design before.

The card itself has very little information printed on it - merely the Tomica and Tomy names, and the name of the casting.

Card Back

The casting itself is Tomica 57-2, the Nissan Diesel Tank Lorry, which was released in 1981, and produced until 1997. It seems to commonly appear in yellow Shell Livery in a black box or a Pocket Cars card, or white with Esso Livery in a black box or early red box. The Black Box itself depicts a tanker with a yellow cab and grey/silver tank.

I have seen the occasional mint-on-card Tomica with this card on eBay, but it seems to be highly uncommon. It doesn’t appear to be an Australian-special card, but that’s all I’ve got.

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