In honor of the upcoming Daytona race.

I’ve been a car guy as far back as I can remember, and never shy about it. So, when I moved to Charlotte in 2002 to work on the Lowe’s account, everyone assumed I followed NASCAR. I didnt- preferring WRC, DTM, and F1. But I started; I followed Jimmie Johnson in his rookie year (since he drove for Lowes) and I followed Mark Martin.

I picked up a 2002 car at one of the Charlotte races, and continued the trend for years. I’ve recently let go of most of my race cars to thin the herd but kept these two. I’m not sure why NASCAR diecast went 1/24 scale but when they go into this detail, I like it. Its detailed and still compact. Sometimes the 1:18 seems bulky in comparison.

I dont follow NASCAR as much these last two seasons- Im not a fan of the rebooted Elimination Chase format. Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin are still my two favorite- both for their on the track credibility, their dedication, and off the track lack of antics. Amazed that Mark Martin stayed competitive into his 50s.

2002 car- drivers side


Engine compartment

the seedy underbelly

and now the 2004 test car