Last minute switch up! Today I have a 1:43 Jouef Evolution Ferrari 250 GT 61 “Tour of France” car. It’s the only 1:43 I own that isn’t a Honda lol.

Its a little rough, the decals are chipped, but the paint is nice. I think of it as post-rally condition, and enjoy it as is.

Here is can be seen in a slightly too small garage, but whatever just use your imagination haha.


The interior is actually fantastic! I had this all apart when I got it to clean it up, so I got to see the realistic gauges all over the place. I also really love the side windows, no glass but just a stamped metal frame. Its like the windows are always rolled down, which is how I roll too. The side effect it’s being able to see the gnarled wood steering wheel quite well from the outside.


Happy Wednesday!