I slapped the hood on to see if this works, It looks fine to me. If I had a chance to start again it would be to have glossy and not metallic paint and after viewing the source material. I could have gone a bit lighter with the paint vs the conceptual art that I was going off of.

For those new to this project, I’m building a Fox Body in the colors of character Lapis Lazuli from Cartoon Networks “Steven Universe”. This was brought up via a discussion I had with my Lady friend on what character from a show we regularly watch should I base colors from. We picked Steven Universes most damaged character because she( or it ?) is one of our favorites and it’s not Beemo’s one tone Teal... That’s another project. This is also another way to involve my Lady friend in my passion for cars while mixing it with something we both enjoy.

Thanks for reading, more to come soon.