Was excited to see a fresh dump bin yesterday. Seemed to be plenty of these 510s in there. Hopefully everyone can find one without trouble. I never had a problem with the previous red version, but I guess that wasn't the case for others. Now if only they'd do a Zamac 510 wagon!

But I really like this one, mainly due to the hood tampos. Looks great. Yellow wouldn't be my first choice of color, but I actually kind of like it. It's kind of a mustard yellow. The white accents on the rims set them off nicely too. Overall just great tampos.

Also really like the Huracan, though I'd much prefer it in that striking green you frequently see it in. I like the detail visible beneath the rear glass.


Hadn't planned on getting this new 370Z, but I liked it more in person than I thought I would. Passed on the new M3 and VW truck though.


Oh hey, did I miss the boat on the last yellow version of the Datsun 620? I've never seen one. If anybody has an extra on card, I'd be interested in a trade.