Here’s one I got a few days ago, actually before I’d gotten the McLaren, but for some reason I didn’t take any pictures until yesterday or so.

It’s a 1968 Chevrolet Chevy II, from GMP, in Fred Gibb’s racing “livery”. From what I could gather, this actually wasn’t as much a race ready car as it was a showcase of the new Chevy IIs made available to Fred Gibb Chevrolet through the COPO program.


The 1:1s were used in ads, and some as show cars, featuring drag slicks, pizza cutters, open headers, and traction bars, as well as full interiors and no livery save for the names of Fred Gibb and Dick Harrell (not included in the model due to licensing issues).

Now, I’m not sure just how accurate this model is, considering the display and ad pictures all feature unmodified Chevy IIs, but it’s a nice piece either way. Tooled in 2000, the casting shows a bit of age. The body’s a bit thick and blocky, and lacks side and rearview mirrors and interior decals, things that have become commonplace in the last decade and a half. On the other hand, the many, many parts that make up the body and chassis fit very well, the paint quality is pretty good and the engine bay opens up to a nice, wired, detailed V8. The car rolls well and also feels heavy and very solid, which is to be expected considering it’s full diecast. All in all, it’s not a perfect model, but it won’t look out of place next to newer, more detailed models. Plus, there are no other third generation Nova castings to go by on this scale, so, if yoyou need one for your 1/43 garage, make it this one.


Finally, as is the norm for GMP releases, this model is a limited release of just, I believe, 1000 units, mine being #489. GMP released six variations of this casting in total, this being the second, after a much more accurate Grumpy’s Toy Super Stock dragster Nova, and before 4 Yenko Deuce variations released as a set. I’ve been after all six variations for a few years now, and once my next purchase hits home, I’ll have only one more to go.