Big things with little cars

New Auto World 2018 F-150 and 1975 Chevy C10

Fresh off the boat from Asia, date stamps on the chassis indicate they were produced in September of 2019. Also according to the blister pack, the F-150 is the largest 1:64 scale model that Auto World has made to date.

Of course I had to DLM them. They’re too good not to.


This pic in particular shows just how big new trucks are compared to their vintage brethren. The Chevy’s bed is slightly longer than the Ford’s though, likely 6 foot bed vs 5-1/2' for the Ford.

The C10 rolls pretty smoothly, the F-150's front axle binds a little bit so I’m gonna see what I can do to free it up.


They both have opening hoods and tailgates!

One thing I do take issue with is that despite the blister pack stating that it’s a 1975 Chevrolet C10 Fleetside, it is obviously a K10 because it has a front differential and transfer case as indicated on the chassis:

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