New Condition 1/18 AutoArt Question

Torn Box Flap

I am no perfectionist, but I have this idea in my head of what new is. I am on my second purchase of AutoArt’s Initial D Rx-7. The first purchased on eBay from what I thought was a reputable seller with a large amount of feedback. When I brought the issues to their attention, they offered a partial refund but then retracted and made me return when I

Seems to be additional tape here, am I crazy?

asked how much that partial refund was. Full refund received.

My concern comes from the instructions which indicate, there should be tie downs for the hood, trunk, and another attachment for the doors. So if an item arrives missing the tie down for the hood and the attachment for the doors, with the hood audibly opening and closing, is it still new? All this plus the car was slightly dusty and the box with a torn flap.

headlights were up upon opening
Can you see the spots were the paint is missing from the hood opening and closing during shipping?
New but dusty?
Paint imperfections
Doors not secured closed.
Paint imperfection

Update: 2nd Purchase refunded. The replacement car apparently had issues as well so I just opted for the offered refund.

But I digress, is there no NEW, untouched AutoArt 75966 anywhere in the world? I know the AE86 is being re-issued, what are the chances this might be?

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