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New DeLorean! And what's on the bench?

I found the new DeLorean release and I had to share it’s pure brilliance. I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen/owned one of the BTTF models in the past, or that odd livery red one that came out last year. But now there’s a new color!

I wasn’t really expecting this to be a hit until I grabbed it, since the red STH wasn’t even appealing to me. The cast really benefits from an OEM+ look. I love the window cutouts and the new HW Steelies that really compliment a car of this era.


This release just proves that a subtle look with lights and markers can turn any cast from a pegwarmer to a cast I needed to own.

Now to the bench.

Heres a few things I’m working on. None really close to finished. Enjoy!


And started some metalwork on a new road going F1 for another LaLDer!

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