So, I found a cool piece when I was home visiting my parents. Its an old crusher yard that I had as a kid. I thought I’d turn it into a good place to grab some pics of some of my scummier cars. Ratty cars are more fun to build anyway. Mistakes can just become friendly little shrubs *cue Bob Ross vid here*

This is where I started. The ground was all grey plastic before, I’d put in a head start a few weeks ago.

Tonight, I started adding some brick detail . I wanted to blend the top dark grey into the lower light plastic better. I think it came together well, the bricks looks worn just like I wanted.


Wheel donor about to be scrapped.


JP Explorer in the mix.

Its got a LOT more that it needs to start being a good background. I think the Brick color ties the separate pieces together well though, happy with the progress. So now I need: Detail the top more, Add a foreground, drill out the holes in the crane, finish the crane hands so they look worn, add a matte finish to the whole piece, take massive amounts of pics. Suggestions welcome for the foreground, I was thinking grass or asphalt? I think it needs some graffiti too, because that’s always fun.

Also, picture exposure is odd, I know. I got a new camera and I’m still learning how to use it. The pics were taken in unidirectional low light. Also (and most likely a large factor) the only lens I have has the shutter stuck 100% open, so I have to use aperture to control light. Good thing I got it for free haha. If anyone has some Nikkor lenses for sale HMU!


Thanks guys!