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New for 2019 Review - Hotwheels Jeepster Commando

It’s amazing. I swear I didn’t add any of the fine details to the bike on the back. I’m just blown away that they even bothered with that level of detail on a .99c car. Insane.

At first I wasn’t a fan of the wheels. But, they are growing on me. I do like that they are a bit more skinny than the traditional offroad fat tires that we are used to with HW. So, I think these wheels can work on a lot of cars with the right application. The tampo execution on the sides is really nice, although, a bit messy in some areas. Door handles are chromed. Which, once again, is pretty cool for a mainline car.

If this is a signal for things to come in 2019, we are certainly in for a treat!


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