Big things with little cars

Went out yesterday to pick up some yarn and groceries for MrsZtp, found this at Meijer! Had to buy it, so I did!!!

Firstly, this casting is amazing, even MrsZtp thinks it’s awesome; and she’s not a huge fan of oddly colored castings. The first think I did was put it next to the Fleetwood Bounder, and boy is there a size difference!


The Condor is shorter and smaller then the Bounder; even the wheel base is shorter. It pretty much uses the same wheel setup as all the other HD trucks do; single wheels in front, dually in the back.

The rear of the Condor is pretty epic, I love the rear window. It allows you to pickup up the casting and peer inside, unlike the Bounder.


A really nice touch was the chrome windshield wipers and side view mirrors. Plus the paint job is phenomenal!


A birds eye view to see the top and the length difference.


Would I recommend this casting? Definitely! So go and get one already! :D

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