I've been absent from Diecast side of Oppo for some time, but I've still been picking up a few cars here and there. I've collected these over the last 6 months or so:

Found my first packaging error car too. I forget what they call these, when they are upside down in the package.

Also got around to making a display for some of my cars. I received this old Printer's type set drawer from Aunt when she was moving, and I thought it would make a perfect Hot Wheels display case. I just added some screw eyes to the bottom to make it angle up slightly so the cars wouldn't fall off the front and added a picture hook to the top so I could hang it on the wall


Then I filled it up with some of my favorites and hung it on the wall:

Been growing my trade car collection for a while too and it's finally time to put them on the block. All these cars (and spaceships) are up for trades:


I think you guys make make out most of these based on the cards but let me know if you want more info on any. I'm open to pretty much all trades.