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New Johnny Lightning Previewed

JL posted these pictures today on Facebook and their website, the new series will be part of Street Freaks Release 5 and will be called Blacked Out. If these look familiar to you, that’s because Greenlight already has a similar concept in the Black Bandit series, though I gotta say I prefer JL’s take on the idea, what with the ghost graphics or red accents. I’ve Always thought Black Bandit was just too uniform, with their glossy black coats of paint and little to no variation.

The release also returns two old JL favorites, the C5 Corvette Z06 and tyhe 1970 Nova.


While these aren’t new castings per se, back when JL and RC were bought back by Round 2 and reopened, there was some worry regarding the state and availability of older dies, as these things tend to get lost or damaged over time, so it’s good to see as many of these great older models making a comeback, and also interesting to compare them to previous editions, since lots of them were tweaked or updated.

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