I was sick of my photos looking “noisy” and having reflections from the overhead lights. Thanks to the lald community, I figured out this new set up.

Not too long ago, te71 Xin suggested that Frosted turn down his ISO settings on his camera for when he shoots outside. I was surprised Frosted was setting it to 100, while most of my pics were 3200! I wanted to get as close to “daylight” as possible since I had installed daylight brightness LED bulbs, so I knew I must have been doing something wrong.

I knew if I wanted to lower my ISO settings, I’d have to get more light on my cars. Then I remembered a really cool post Te71 xin had done over a year ago with a DIY video on how to use an $8 Ikea table as a photo booth.

Unfortunately, those tables aren’t $8 anymore, so I went to plan B. I picked up 3 sheets of foam poster board, cut one in half for the two sides, then built a hut. I played around with my clip-on desk lamps until I got the position right. Limited reflections on the cars, lots of light bouncing around! I was able to knock the ISO down to 800.



I didn’t even have to edit this one!


I also picked up three umbrella lamps off my neighborhood yard-sale page for $20, woohoo!

So yeah, thanks Frosted and Xin for inspiring me to step up my photography game!