And possible new ‘sport’? If you have access to some Monster Jam trucks from Hot Wheels give it a shot, no glue or any sticky substance allowed under international rules.

8 Monster Jam Trucks ‘dry’ stacked! My new personal record and quite possibly world record*.

So I got the kids to bed and was tidying up after Sonzilla’s latest rampage, found some of his MTs and thought I’d try stacking as many as I could and ended up doubling the previous PB of 4!!


Picture above from an Hour Rule post a couple of months back.

* not sure if anyone else is competing so this is most likely a world record, for now.

Edit: Holy 6 degrees of separation batman! First like on Instagram for this picture was the driver of the Team Hot Wheels Firestorm truck, Scott Buetow!!! I know it doesn’t really mean anything but it’s just funny to me sitting here in the backwaters of Australia that it’s even possible. Seeing as it’s a team HW driver it’s even better!


2nd Edit: I just realised a couple of other drivers liked as well! Monster Mutt Dalmations driver, Candice Jolly, Zombie driver, Bari Musawwir and Neil Elliot one of Max D’s drivers!!