No, it’s not click bait, I just uncovered a slight loophole that the company in question seems to be trying to hide.
I’m not mentioning the company in words, rhymes with toast office, check the photos. That entity and I have a long history of me calling them on their crap. It doesn’t always work out for me, but that will never stop me. By not using their name, it will take them longer to find this little revelation.
Backstory: I’ve been shipping out the diecast cars & trucks I gave away, slowly but surely. I’ve sent, to each person playing, a photo of their particular package on my scale, and a screen grab from the the shipping site showing the lowest cost(s) to send that particular package.
Well, at least one of the quotes, from their website, was off by a few dollars.
This was a 9"x 6"x 3" box filled with more than 20 cars, it weighed 2.2 lbs on my scale, and was quoted at $13.65:

The clerk told me it was actually $17 and change!
As I tried to get the clerk to come up with a price that matched my quote, she showed me, in hushed tones, how she was going to get around it.
This, is the 9.5 x 12.5 FLAT RATE padded envelope:

I had to gently round the corners of my 9x6x3 box, but it just fits. I’ve since ordered a bunch of them*.
Compare; my original quote was $13.65, the clerk said it was over $17, for the same package, but, buy stuffing it inside this padded envelope,
the price dropped to only $7.25! 

Flat Rate! Whatever fits, Ships!

(I have since refunded the difference to this person in question, and will do my best to keep all prices down going forward, but I’m sorry I can’t refund anything to those whose packages have already shipped.)


No weight shown due to flat rate...

*I was also told I couldn’t take one home with me (because they only get one box of these per PO...?), but that I could order them online.
I’d consider this my good deed of the day, no? This may be the only thing that stops me from dropping out of future trades!

Happy Savings!