Looking for the newest Hot Wheels? Try your luck at Target. It was super cold in my office building today so I had to leave work just to warm up. I decided to hit up 2 Targets near work and then one on the way home. All Three had the newest cars. I found all the C case cars but only bought what I really liked. I didn’t buy duplicates because I’ve come to realize a while back that that is pretty much scalping and it makes it so much harder for the next guy to find stuff.

There were a total of 5 VW Kafer at the 3 Targets and I know others would be happy finding them so I only bought 1 for myself.

Nowadays I’ll only buy 1 extra if I know for sure I’m going to mod it. Also, I wont buy extra to have one opened and one sealed because before you know it, you will run out of space in you house.

I also found a complete set of Redliners but they’re not my style so I left them behind for the next guy.

I remember when I first started collecting. I bought everything licensed and sometimes multiples to trade (which I ended up not even trading much). I’m much happier now. I only buy what I truly like and I don’t over clutter my house. And most importantly, I’m leaving behind cars for the next collector to find and put a smile on his face......because after all, it’s the season of giving. lol!


Also, this is the first time I’ve seen a dump bin at a Target.

*Targets located in Dallas