I had gotten some 787Bs out of storage to shoot with my new Tomica Limited Vintage 787B earlier this week. I happened to have a slew of New Superfast in the same box, so I figured I’d give them some attention as well!

These are all later NSF releases that were sold in clear plastic boxes- no cards. I still have the boxes, but they don’t photograph well. There were really some nice cars released around this time and I was fortuante to find all of these at retail when they were new.

Matchbox regressed somewhat shortly after the last of these were released. Fortuantely, they’ve started to get back in good form the past couple of years.


I find it very difficult to pick a favorite out of this group, but they are for the most part some of my favorite Matchbox models in my collection.

These were $3-4 if I recall correctly, and for that price you got full tampo details and “premium” wheels on some of the releases (seen on the Civic, Bentley, and Porsche here). The wheels were just single pieces of plastic though and looked worse than most of the mainline wheels...they were just only ever used on premium releases. Curious choice from Matchbox.


There were more than European cars released in this line, but somehow I have only ended up with European ones. Whoops!


Word is that some of these castings that have been absent from the Matchbox line for a years will be returning soon...can’t wait to see them!