I just discovered this manufacturer of diecast in one of the online shops I used for my JDM diecast needs. They go by the name of Enif and seem to go for the road slightly less travelled. No Skylines here yet, but some old school touring cars and more modern coupes and sedans as well.

The prices for these on ebay are outrageous, the ones available at amiami are a little less so, but they seem to sell out fast.

Genuinely new as of this month are the 1/64 models - so far only the 2014 Toyota Crown Athlete in six colours - make mine purple, please.


I haven’t found their home page yet, but you can see what is out there on the bay or at this link:


Now, if they would sell those Corolla racers as 1/64 models, I’d pull the trigger in a heart beat, but I am not so sure how badly in need that Toyota Crown Athlete. But - knowing me, I’ll probably get one anyway.