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New Tomica for March 2017

On with the new releases for March of this year. And it’s a typically mixed bag. First is the new #2 - the Subaru WRX “unmarked Police car” - marked by a red roof light...

The new #60 is an Isuzu Car Carrier - carrying a 117 Coupe in the regular version and a Bellett Coupe in the first day release. I think I will need both.


In the Long Series, the new #121 is a Salamander Snow Vehicle

The Dream Tomica line features the yellow Initial D RX-7 as was expected:


Then there’s a Bus Set with ads for the Morinaga Sweets Company


and the 21st Lottery Set - “Let’s Move Car Collection of the City” - I’m sure that sounds better in Japanese.


Google Translate gets a little lost there. The Fuso Bus is from the “Billion Step Elementary School”, The Land Cruiser is from the “unreasonable farm”, one Subaru Sambar is described as “super odd many” and most intriguingly the other Sambar comes from the “love market”... I’m sure there is a perfectly harmless explanation for all of this!

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