March has a busy release schedule for Tomica, with a few interesting models to boot.

First up is the new #112 (replacing the Subaru WRX) - Lotus 3 Eleven, also with a limited edition colour:

The new #87 (replacing the Dubai Police Lamborghini) is the Honda Super Cub - an updated model over the previous one:

The new “Long” #129 is another Sunflower Ferry - taking the place of the Hino Selega Racing Transporter:


But the Hino Transporter isn’t ready for retirement just yet - as it pops straight up again in a new Honda Gift Set (even though a Hino is hardly a Honda!)

The new Dream Tomica #146 (replacing the Batmobile) is the DeLorean from BTTF 3.


And the latest Lottery Set has been announced - Set #22 - with a kind of Fantasy Fire Fighter theme - I will find it easy to stay away from that one:

I will grab the Lotus, the Honda Cub, the Honda set, and the DeLorean. But there should be something there for everyone.