New Tomica Limited Vintage for August 2019

All images from the official website.
Screenshot: Tomytec

Tomytec has recently unveiled the Tomica Limited Vintage releases scheduled for August 2019.

Sorry for the delay again, been pretty busy recently. All releases scheduled are of castings which have had a variant previously released already.


A standard release of the Subaru 360 Convertible (LV-182) has been announced, with one version showing the roof closed, and the other showing the roof opened. The 360, Subaru’s first mass-produced car, featured an air-cooled straight-twin engine, which is shown under the opening engine cover, a feature also on the TLV 360 sedan (LV-173). The 360 convertible casting as previewed as a special release from March 2019 with Subaru Web Community graphics.

Another release of the Lancer Evolution has been announced, this time depicting an Evolution V in GSR trim (LV-N 187). The first Lancer Evolution announced, for release in July 2019, depicted an Evolution IV (LV-N 186). Compared to the Evo IV, the Evo V features wider fender flares, different bumpers, and a different hood, along with revised engine tuning.


A new variant of the Nissan Violet (710) has been announced for the TLV lineup (LV-N 188), the 1600 SSS. The 710 Violet was a model that slotted underneath the 610 Bluebird, with similar coke-bottle styling on the sides, and was previously available in the TLV lineup as a 1400 DX model (LV-N 13).

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