All images from the official website.

Tomytec has recently unveiled the Tomica Limited Vintage releases scheduled for December 2017.

In an unusual move, they’ve also unveiled some releases for January and February of 2018, along with some rescheduling of releases. Only three releases have been shown for December, as opposed to the recent four.

The Nissan Laurel cast (LV-N 159) is of the C230 (third) generation first introduced in 1977 and depicts a 1979 model in SGL-E trim. This release is differentiated from the version scheduled for November (LV-N 157) by being a post-facelift version, which has square headlights instead of round headlights. The Laurel is a largish sedan/hardtop sized between the Skyline and the Cedric/Gloria and competes with the Toyota Mark II/Cressida. Earlier Laurel releases depicted sedans from the first (C30) generation (LV-53) and the second (C130) generation in 2000 SGL (LV-N 31) and 2000 SGX (LV-N 53) versions.


The Mazda Cosmo Sport (LV-169) releases for December will be fairly similar to the previous releases, which were the first TLVs to have an opening feature (the bonnet/hood). The white version is supposedly a purer white colour, while the red version replicates a car shown at the 1967 Tokyo Motor Show. The Cosmo Sport casting was previously released in special packaging in May 2017 to celebrate 50 years from when Mazda released its rotary engine in 1967, and also as a Japanese police pursuit vehicle in June 2017 (LV-165).

The Datsun 200 SX (LV-N 161) releases will be depicting a custom American-style aftermarket convertible conversion like those in vogue in the early 1980s. The body casting appears similar to the Seibu Keisatsu (Western Police) Nissan Gazelle released August 2017, but this release will have U.S. 5 mph bumpers, a new LHD interior (the first for a non-European TLV?), and whitewall tires. This S110 generation of the Nissan Silvia and derivatives will have been previously released as the Seibu Keisatsu Gazelle in August and as the Gazelle hatchback (LV-N 154) in September.


With regards to rescheduled releases, there is good news - the highly anticipated Nissan Atlas Safety Loader (LV-N 144) has been bumped up a month from an October release to a September release.

Releases scheduled for January and February 2018 are versions of the kujira Toyota Crown van/wagon (S60 - early 1970s) and versions of the first Nissan Prairie (M10) in van specification. The January and February releases will be covered more in-depth when the entire month’s lineup is ascertained.