All images from the official website.
Screenshot: Tomytec

Tomytec has recently unveiled the Tomica Limited Vintage releases scheduled for December 2018.

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Three different castings are scheduled, and none of them are new castings.


A couple new versions of the new Prince Gloria casting have been announced, this time depicting a Prince Grand Gloria (LV-175). As previously announced, the Gloria is a sharp recasting of a model introduced back in 2004 as LV-02. The Grand Gloria is a top-spec model with additional luxury features and a 2.5L inline-six, which put it in a higher road-tax class (above 2.0L). This casting version features a different grille and additional exterior trim.


A seventh version of the Isuzu Erga bus (LV-N 139) will be released, this time in the livery of the Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau (Toei Bus). Previous Erga releases depicted a JR Kanto Bus (June 2018), Keikyu bus (March 2018), a Shinki bus (November 2017), a Tobu bus, a Hiroshima Electric Railway bus (both March 2017), and what I think is the factory demonstrator version (February 2017, correct me if I’m wrong).


Two more releases of the ɛ̃fini RX-7 (LV-N 177) are scheduled for December. As opposed to the earlier releases in yellow, silver, or red (LV-N 174), which depicted a 1991 (introductory) model, these new releases depict 1996-1998 models, specifically the type-RS (white) and the type-RZ (black). The RS was a special variant with retuned suspension, different gearing, new wheels, and a lighter weight. The RZ was a low-production variant with just 2 seats (as opposed to the JDM-spec of 4 seats) and BBS wheels, as well as the features of the RS.