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New Tomica Limited Vintage for January 2018

All images from the official website.

Tomytec has recently unveiled the Tomica Limited Vintage releases scheduled for January 2018.

Including the two January releases that were already revealed during the previous month, six different models will be available - three in the Neo series, two regular TLVs, and one specially-boxed Seibu Keisatsu release.


New releases of the first-generation Nissan Prairie (LV-N 160) were announced last month. Released in 1982, the Prairie was one of the world’s first small MPVs/minivans, with sliding doors and no B-pillar. As opposed to earlier releases of this generation of Nissan Prairie, these new releases will be of a cargo/commercial version. The Prairie was previously released in special Ogikubo packaging, and in two colour schemes for a regular release (LV-N 115).

Also announced last month are two releases of the fourth-generation Toyota Crown (LV-N 163) in van format. In Japan, sparsely-equipped wagons are often used as small commercial vehicles the same way that Europe uses small vans. As with the Nissan Prairie above, these are the first cargo versions of a cast that was previously only released as a passenger vehicle in a special box for the Taiyo TV show and in white and pale blue (LV-N 108).


The Honda Prelude XX releases for January (LV-N 145) are recolours of the April 2017 releases in red and white. The Prelude of this generation was also released as a 2.0Si version in May 2017 (LV-N 146). Interestingly enough, only the April releases of the XX version feature fender mirrors - the others are all depicted with door mirrors.


A white Nissan Silvia S110 hatchback will be released in special packaging related to the Seibu Keisatsu (西部警察) police action TV show popular in Japan in the 1980s. The role that this particular car plays in the show is unclear to me, since online translation only turns out a jumble of words. This casting had its debut release just this month as a Nissan Gazelle hatchback (LV-N 154).


Two new releases of the 1962 Toyota Patrol FS20 are scheduled as well - one in the livery of the Osaka Prefecture Police (LV-170), and the other depicting a Tokyo Fire Department command car (LV-171). The Toyota Patrol was created as a modified version of the first Crown. The Patrol had a longer hood as it was fitted with a six-cylinder engine, as opposed to Crowns which only had 1.5L or 1.9L inline-fours. The Toyota Patrol debuted in the TLV lineup just last month (LV-166) as a Tokyo Metropolitan Police car and what I think was an unmarked police car (correct me if I’m wrong).


Finally, the Honda Ballade CR-X releases (LV-N 35) originally scheduled for October have been postponed until March 2018 (5 months!). As the Nissan Safety Loader (LV-N 144) was previously moved up one month for a September 2017 release, there will only be two 1:64 TLV releases for October instead of the previously-common three or four releases.

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