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New Tomica Limited Vintage for January 2019

All images from the official website.
Screenshot: Tomytec

Tomytec has recently unveiled the Tomica Limited Vintage releases scheduled for January 2019.

Three different castings are scheduled, and all of them are Nissans.


The new Nissan Prince Royal casting depicts the limousine produced by Prince in 1966-1967 for the Imperial Household of Japan. To move the massive limousine, a 6.4L Prince V8 was designed for, and only used in this car, and paired with a GM THM400 transmission. The interior features jump seats in the middle, plus the regular rear seats, which were upholstered in the customary fancy wool.

The Nissan Skyline GT-R releases (LV-176) are, surprisingly, the first TLVs to depict the production hako sukairain sedan (PGC10) in production GT-R trim. The new release celebrates 50 years of the Skyline GT-R, first released as a sedan in 1969. The release is differentiated from earlier ones by the flared wheel arches (interrupting the rear fender line) and the steel wheels. Previous releases of the hakosuka sedan were the regular inline-six 2000GT, the early GT-R prototype, as well as a few short-nose (four-cylinder) sedans and vans (wagons).


Surely anticipated is the third release of the Nissan Atlas Safety Loader (LV-N 144), this time done a livery of Hanamadai Motor in gold, for which there seems to be little information about online.

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