All images from the official website.

Tomytec has recently unveiled the Tomica Limited Vintage releases scheduled for March 2018.

Four of the releases scheduled for March are ordinary releases, one is in special packaging, and one is part of the 1:43 lineup.

To start, the Honda CR-X releases originally scheduled for October 2017 (LV-N 35) were previously postponed for a March release.


Announced as a partnership between Tomytec and Nostalgic Hero Magazine is the Datsun 510 Bluebird rally version. This new version depicts the actual car that won the 1970 East African Safari Rally, as opposed to the version scheduled for a November 2017 release which depicts a car in the 1969 Japanese movie ę „å…‰ćø恮5000悭惭 (5000km to Glory). This casting now has flared fenders in addition to all the small add-on details specific to this car.

A new Hino truck cab, the Hino HH 341 (LV-N 166) will be released, depicting a heavier-duty (6x4) version of the previously released 4x2 Hino HE 366 cab (LV-N 90). The HE cab was only released once as an individual item, and 3 times as paired with car transporter trailers.


More EK9 releases are scheduled for March, although these releases of the Honda Civic Type R (LV-N 165) now depict a ā€™99 model, slightly facelifted from the ā€™97 model (LV-N 158) scheduled for February. Just some of the front styling and the tailights are different, as well as the new colours.


A fifth version of the Isuzu Elga bus (LV-N 139) will be released, this time in the livery of Keihin Kyuko Bus, more commonly known as Keikyu. Previous Elga releases from October depicted a Shinki bus, and from March and February 2017, a Tobu bus, a Hiroshima Electric Railway bus, and what I think is the factory demonstrator version (correct me if Iā€™m wrong).

In the 1:43 lineup is another release of the Y31-generation Nissan Gloria/Cedric, this time an unmarked police car from the 1980s Japanese TV Show 恂恶ćŖć„åˆ‘äŗ‹ (Abunai Deka, i.e. Dangerous Detectives).