All images from the official website.

Tomytec has recently unveiled the Tomica Limited Vintage releases scheduled for May 2018.

Three models have been announced on the website, Twitter, and Instagram, with one being a completely new casting.

The Isuzu Bellett releases (LV-150) are recolours of the 1600 GTR model first released in May 2015 in red and orange. The Bellett was Isuzu’s compact car, designed to replace the license-built Isuzu Hillman Minx. The Bellett GT-R was introduced in 1969 as a racing version, available only as a coupe with the 1.6L twin-cam engine and a matte-black hood. Other Belletts released by TLV include a number of ordinary sedans (LV-10, LV-11, LV-16, LV-17), a police car (LV-103), a 1600GT coupe (LV-136), a late-model 1600GT Type R coupe (LV-137), and a 1800GT coupe (LV-140), as well as a club-racer version in the Crazy Ken’s Car Club line.


The Fruehauf Wing Trailer (LV-N 167) is a new casting, paired with a new colour of the existing Hino HE 366 semi tractor cast. The upper sections of the trailer open up like gullwing doors, a style that seems to be common in Japan. Lower sections drop downwards for loading, and there are side guards and a spare tire mounted underneath. The rear loading doors, however, do not appear to open. The cab is the Hino HE 366, which was previously released in a standalone model (LV-N 90) and also paired with each release of the car transporter. The listed price, though, is an eye-watering 16,000¥ (~$180.00 CAD; ~$145.00 USD; ~€118,00; ~$182.00 AUD), beyond the realm of affordable for anyone, really.


Another variant of the R34 Skyline 4-door is planned for May, this time a Skyline 25 GT-V model (LV-N 170). The R34 was the last Skyline with traditional inline-six engines, and while the GT-R catches nearly everyone’s attention, Tomytec has released a number of R34 sedans. Earlier R34 sedan releases include a Mobile Investigation Vehicle (LV-N 126), a regular police car (LV-N 127), and the Skyline 25 GT Turbo sedan (LV-N 128).