All images from the official website.

Tomytec has recently unveiled the Tomica Limited Vintage releases scheduled for November 2017.

Two regular releases and two specially-boxed models will be available. One is a new cast, two are modified from current castings, and one is a new livery on an existing cast.

The new Nissan Laurel cast (LV-N 157) is of the C230 (third) generation introduced in 1977 and depicts a 2000 GL-6 version. The Laurel is a largish sedan/hardtop sized between the Skyline and the Cedric/Gloria and competes with the Toyota Mark II/Cressida. Earlier Laurel releases depicted sedans from the first (C30) generation (LV-53 - released in 2007!) and the second (C130) generation in 2000 SGL (LV-N 31) and 2000 SGX (LV-N 53) versions.


The specially-boxed Datsun Bluebird 510 rally version is based on the star car from the 1969 Japanese movie 栄光への5000キロ (5000km to Glory, also known as Safari 5000). The film, the highest grossing in Japan in 1969, depicts a fictional story of Takayuki Godai, who enters a team into and wins the 1969 East African Safari Rally. Footage for the movie was actually shot with an actual 510 Bluebird entered in the race, which did not finish.

In real life, Datsun 510 Bluebirds placed 3rd and 5th that year, and won the 1970 running with 1st, 2nd, and 4th place finishes.

The casting will have a new interior and chassis, along with new exterior accessories, as compared to regular 510 Bluebird releases.


The specially-boxed Skyline release depicts the prototype of the Skyline GT-R as shown at the 1968 Tokyo Motor Show, where it was displayed as the Skyline 2000 GT with R380 engine. Like the production version, it had a modified version of the 2.0L I6 in the Prince R380, and fender flares which cut into the rear surfline over the rear wheel.


Finally, another version of the Isuzu Elga bus (LV-N 139) will be released, this time in the livery of Shinki Bus. Previous Elga releases from March and February 2017 depict a Tobu bus, a Hiroshima Electric Railway bus, and what I think is the factory demonstrator version (correct me if I’m wrong).