All images from the official website.

Tomytec has recently unveiled the Tomica Limited Vintage releases scheduled for October 2017.

Four new regular releases in 1:64 scale will be available, plus two more in 1:43 scale. Unlike last month, with two all-new castings, none are all-new this month, and all four of them are in the Neo series.

The 2017 Nissan GT-R releases for October (LV-N 148) are in red and white and are recolours of the GT-Rs first released in May in orange and silver. The slightly different Nismo version is scheduled for July as LV-N 153.


The Toyota Cresta releases for October (LV-N 156) depict a pre-facelift 1984 Super Lucent hardtop. The Cresta is like a slightly restyled Mark II/Cressida offered in a different sales network in Japan and positioned underneath the flagship Crown. Previously, this generation was released as a facelifted Super Lucent hardtop (LV-N 137) and as a GT Twin Turbo hardtop (LV-N 138).

The Honda CR-X releases for October (LV-N 35) depicts a later (1986/1987) first-gen CR-X with fixed headlights, like the other, earlier LV-N 35 releases. The red version is a regular Si model, while the white one represents a F1 Specal Edition released to celebrate the winning of the 1986 Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship by Williams-Honda. Previous CR-X releases depict an early Si model (LV-N 22), a late Si model (LV-N 35), and an early 1.5i model (LV-N 124).


The most anticipated release for October is probably the recolour of the hot Nissan Atlas Safety Loader (LV-N 144) first released in March. Even the Tomytec website acknowledges that the Safety Loader sold out quickly beyond all expectations.


In the 1:43 lineup, two more versions of the Y31-generation Nissan Cedric (LV-N43-20, on left) and Nissan Gloria (LV-N43-21, on right) will be released. These are facelifted Brougham versions.