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New Tomica Limited Vintage for October 2019

All images from the official website.
Screenshot: Tomytec

Tomytec has recently unveiled the Tomica Limited Vintage releases scheduled for October 2019.


A new Isuzu Elf casting (LV-N 191) has been announced, but the rear body is what’s noteworthy - it’s a two-level Auto Safety Loader. The intricate and functional loading platform is sized for midsize cars in exact 1:64 scale. The MSRP is more than 3 regular TLVs though, but only about half of the Hino Car Transporter.

New in the TLV Ferrari lineup are castings of the 512 BB and 512 BBi. Like other TLV Ferrari castings, the engine cover opens. The 512 BB was the successor model to the 365 GT/4 BB, featuring a larger 4.95L flat-12 engine, while the 512 BBi added mechanical fuel injection. The 512 BBi was replaced by the Testarossa, and then the 512 TR, which were announced for a September release in the TLV Ferrari line.


Two more releases of the S30-generation Nissan Fairlady Z 2+2 (LV-N 41) have been announced. The 2+2 version was first released in 1974, and featured a stretch of just over 30cm total to provide room for a small rear seat. The early 2+2 casting was last released in 2014 in the Seibu Keisatsu lineup, and 2012 in the regular TLV lineup.


More releases of the Y30-generation Cedric/Gloria have been announced, this time depicting a 1986 Gloria Grand Edition (LV-N 198). This particular model is a Grand Edition hardtop sedan, with the 2-litre V6 engine.

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