Big things with little cars

Nice Price or Crack Pipe?

Lets try something a little different.

While out I was out for lunch, I stopped by a thrift store and went straight to the toy section. After browsing through the racks, I spotted this:


The question is, is it worth buying? This Dodge A100 wheel stander by JL have battle wounds all over and both the front and rear axles completely gave out. The truck however, still have it’s engine intact. The rest of the cars in the bag are HWs that are in just as bad condition and a few of them are McDonald happy meal cars.

At the price of $5.99, do you guys think this car alone will be worth the purchase as a restore project or even as a parts donor? For some of the newer members here, I did a mini restore project with a similar cast about 2 years ago and the post can be checked out here:


Let me know what your guys’ opinions are. Cheers.

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