First, thanks for LaLD Car Week last week. I’m glad I checked the site out and saw that it was going on. It helped me go dig some old cars out of storage and get interested in the little suckers again. I have a wide variety of Cougars (of course) as it was the most recent project car that I’ve had. I’m sure once I find another fun 1:1, I’ll be hunting down diecast models of one. Unfortunately, there aren’t any diecast of current gen 4Runners, or I’d snap one of those up.

Here are a few quick shots of the Nitty Gritty Kitty “Custom Cougar” Hot Wheels. It’d been living a quiet life in my desk drawer with a handful of other Cougars. I picked it up a couple of years ago when HW re-released a Cougar in retro style packaging, and I added this to the order.


I’ve been out of touch with any current “special edition” type HW releases, so if there’s anything interesting out there that I’ve missed out on, let me know!