Big things with little cars

No June Gloom Here

I haven’t posted in a while, though I’m still collecting faster than I can put them away. But I missed sharing my luck with you all.

I’ve left out some recent acquisitions, but I hit a spot where I can show off some loot before my daughter frees them all.

First up, a very rare Matchbox score.


Much as I love the charisma of a Hot Wheels, Matchbox kind of speaks to me. They put the details in all the right places. The Audi is borderline car-culture, the malaise machine makes me smile, and that Jaaaaag is just a delight.

I also rolled the dice on a Reddit sale and it turns out occasionally people aren’t garbage.

I’ve been trying to snag that NSX at a good price for a while. The Porsche was just a nice one to add to my fleet, and while I’m not a truck guy, that one happens to be too cool to ignore. But the real coup was getting this for retail price:


I wasn’t going to go to heroic measures for it, but six bucks? Hell yes.

Now, normally I don’t hunt the Walmart across the bay because I don’t want to strike out, then pay a bridge toll for my troubles. But I was headed over there anyway. That, plus a new mainline section near the registers at my local Target meant one of my bigger hunting trips... ever?


Relax, the two on the left aren’t supers. Safeway got a shipper full of that case, but they were regulars. Still, Target produced the next six... lovely mainlines all. Then Wally World coughed up the two M2 Zs, the two Larry Woods (bad cards, must be DLM’d) and the Sriracha truck.


Meanwhile, I’m kind of passively hunting the Track Day Chevelle. I almost got one off an Instagram seller, but he flaked and gave me my money back. So I started hunting it on eBay and found a few others for a price.


Oh dear. The muscle car thing is happening. That is just such a cool casting. Square wheel setup, perfect little spoiler, brawny hood. Yeah... this is a thing.

Now, since one must end things with a call to action, tell me your thoughts on this. I found it in NYC.


That’s an international short card Momo 510 with a wheel error up front.

I don’t understand how these things work. Is this worth more? Or utterly worthless? (And no, if it’s worthless, I’m not shipping it to you.)

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