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Norev Renault Megane Estate

There aren’t a ton of cars available in Europe that I’m envious of but this is certainly one of them. I find the Renault Megane to be a pretty neat looking hatchback on its own but here I have a Norev Megane Grandtour. Similar to Volkswagens Golf Sportwagen, Renault has stretched their five door Megane to add a little more cargo space. Can any of our European members confirm whether or not the turbo gas 1.2 can be tuned to make nearly the amount of power that the Megane RS put out? Forget the hot hatch, we need more hot wagons in the world. And we need more wagons in general in the US.

Onto the model though, this is a diecast metal 1/43 that I snagged on American Excellence for 30-40 bucks. For that money you get a pretty well detailed model, it’s no NEO but it certainly doesn’t feel like a budget model. The glass is broken up by pillars that are part of the body as opposed to flat stickers. The red paint pops but lacks any metallic flake (which might be how the real car is, I don’t have much to reference).


I like the front end design of this car a lot, couldn’t point out why but the headlight design does it for me. The lights are pretty small and no mounting stubs are visible. The grille however is not an open, photoetched piece like the DNA Subarus, instead it looks to be a slightly textured piece of the mold.

If I were to buy one of these in real life, those wheels would have to go immediately. Heck, save some money and get steelies with hubcaps so at least you’ll have tough looking winter wheels. This sort of flower design doesn’t really fit the cars design, no fault of Norevs though, they just modeled the real car (anyone got the hookup on some 43 scale OZ superturismos?)


The rear end design is pretty plain. We do see the infamous floating C pillar which still makes no sense to me (the A pillar isn’t blacked out) and looks kind of ugly, but that’s the modern trend right now so be it.


If you like modern wagons or European cars in general, this wagon is 30 bucks. It’s a good buy at that price in my opinion, especially since a lot of 1/43 scale models can cost nearly as much as a 1/18 scale car. 


  Thanks for looking!

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